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I've been meditating each morning before I leave for work for a couple of weeks. I've been interested in “learning how to meditate” for a while now, but never really knew where to begin. Eventually, I found this article on How to do Mindfulness Meditation and decided to start with just 2 minutes each morning.

From the beginning, I found it very difficult to NOT think about anything. Focusing on the breathing and counting, as described in the article, do help but it was, and still is, a struggle. I kept doing it and am now up to 5 minutes each morning. I hope to spend more time in the future, but I feel like I am not able to do it effectively past 5 minutes right now.

I have found that I am now much more aware of my thoughts and emotions. I still get angry and frustrated, and occasionally snap at someone, but I feel like I can almost stop it in time. Before those emotions just “happened” and most of the time I was surprised.

Since I've started, I've read more articles on meditation, including Meditation for Beginners, and how to increase my practice and knowledge as I continue. I’ve found a large benefit in meditating and encourage you to try it yourself. Hopefully, sometime soon, I will feel like I’m actually good at it.

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