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I've had an Android mobile phone since the first one was released. Over the years, much has changed with Android. Here are my favorite apps and games.

Alarm Clock Plus (Utility)

I've been using this app for my alarm clock for a couple months now. The reason I use it over the default Android alarm clock app is I can customize how many times it will allow me to hit snooze and it can require the correct answer to a math question. The combination of these two settings has stopped me from snoozing for an hour after my alarm first goes off. Here are my settings:

  • Snooze a maximum of 3 times
  • 3 minute interval between snoozes
  • Must answer 1 medium difficulty math question to snooze
  • Must answer 3 medium difficulty math questions to dismiss
  • Custom MP3 ringtone

Note, this version has ads, but there is an ad-free version too.

Any.DO (Task Management)

I’ve been using this app, in conjunction with the Chrome plugin, for a couple weeks now. I really like how it’s always in your notifications list, even if you have no tasks for the day. So far, this is the best task management online system I've used. My only complaint is the data in the notification window doesn’t update automatically.

ASTRO File Manager (Utility)

This app has been around since the beginning, but a lot of improvements have been made. Sometimes you just need to find a file that’s on your phone. Maybe you use your phone as a usb flash drive, or want to install an app that you downloaded outside the Google Play store. This app is great at browsing the files on your phone or any linked storage, like Dropbox.

Bunny Shooter (Game)

Time to shoot some evil bunnies with arrows. This game is a little like Angry Birds, but less annoying (IMO). I've spent a lot of time with this game and have gotten 3 stars are almost every level. Beware, it’s addicting.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (Game)

I am so addicted to this game.  You start out with an awesome video explaining how Quahog gets destroyed.  Then you spend the game rebuilding it and creating characters from the Family Guy universe.  You earn coins while playing to get more buildings and decorations.  You can also in-app purchase (and occasionally earn) clams to speed things along and get special characters.  This game is very funny if you like the show, but we warned it will cost you a lot of it get addicted like I have.

GO SMS Pro (Text Messager)

I use this “GO” text messaging app instead of the default Android app, because it shows your texting threads much like the iPhone.

Granny Smith (Game, $)

This app costs some money, but it’s super fun. It’s a racing, obstacle course game on roller skates. It sucks you in pretty fast.

KHET (Game, $)

I describe this game to friends as ancient Egyptian laser chess. I have the physical version of this game and love it. Playing against the computer can be very difficult. Note, the player vs. player mode of this app is unplayable. It just doesn't work.

Mr. Number Call Blocker (Utility)

This is my number 1, all-time favorite app for Android. It allows me to automatically send all phone numbers not already in my contacts directly to voicemail. I've had telemarketers calling me once a day for years with no frustration, because of this app. If I was marooned on a desert island and I could only take one app with me, this would be it. (Not really, I'd take an ocean currents app)

Ninja Fishing (Game)

Warning, do not install this game if you cannot stop yourself from in-app purchasing. The game is free, but the in-app items for purchase are VERY tempting. This is one of my favorite mobile games. It combines a lot of different game play mechanics into one game. First you have to avoid fish to get as deep as possible, then you have to catch as many high valued fish as possible, then you have to cut up those fish with your sword to gain the points. Once you have points, you can buy longer lines, bigger hooks, stronger swords, etc. So far I’ve earned over 400k points without purchasing any in the app, but the temptation is super strong.

Photon (Game)

This game is pretty simple, but very fun. It’s kind of like Tetris, but with circles and power ups.

Wifi Analyzer (Utility)

This is a great app for seeing what wifi networks are in the area and what channel they are on. I’ve used it for home, work, and on vacation. It can help you find the best location in a room if the signal strength is weak and more.

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