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I first heard about Movember, a weird fundraising effort for men’s health, 2 years ago when a friend of mine did it. Please donate to help men’s health research, especially for prostate cancer. I meant to participate in 2011, but forgot until about halfway through the month. However, this year I remembered and it helped that 20+ guys in my office were participating as well. I haven’t had any facial hair since high school, when I tried (in vain) to grow a gotee. Never a fan of mustaches, I knew I was in for a trip.

Here’s my photo journal of my transformation from a hairless upper lib to a full-bodied cookie catcher. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Day 1: Freshly shaved and excited.

Day 5: My serious mustache face, needs work.

Day 10: The itchiness from hell has begun.

Day 15: Really considering quitting, but I'm already half way through the month.

Day 20: The itchiness has finally subsided. I no longer hate my mustache with a fiery passion.

Day 25: Looking fly in my kayaking gear. About to go kayak surfing at La Push Bay.

Day 30: Just need a baseball hat to complete my Magnum PI look.