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I feel very lucky to have grown up with my parents and grandparents teaching me about personal finance. I learned about specific topics like compounding interest, debt, inflation, the stock market, assets versus liabilities, and balance sheets. But I also learned about their financial mistakes and what has historically happened with interest rates and inflation.
Unfortunately, our education system does not feel it’s necessary to teach these skills in school. I am still looking to continue my education in finance, especially in light of the nationwide problems that have occurred in the last couple of years.

If you feel you need more knowledge on these topics, then I suggest searching online for personal finance course online. I haven’t tried all of these myself, but there are lots of options. Find one that is free, comes from a reliable source, and looks like it covers a lot of different areas of personal finance.

Once you feel you have a good foundation from one of these courses, I recommend checking out the finance videos at Khan Academy. I’ve been watching these for a while and they are very well done.

This video, Deficit and Debt Ceiling, while not a personal finance video, is a really great one. I highly recommend it for everyone.

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